Taos New Mexico

A Beautifully Restored Walled Estate
in the Taos Tradition


Taos New Mexico

Taos New Mexico Bed and Breakfast Inn



Start your day with a healthy full breakfast served from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM daily in the Sunroom or on the Patio. You can partake from the buffet as well as enjoy our daily Gourmet Special and breakfast meat of the day! Coffee is available starting at 7:00 AM.

Taos New Mexico Bed and Breakfast Inn


  • Jerry's hardy House-Blend coffee with or without caffeine
  • Herbal teas, hot chocolate and hot cider
  • Fruit of the day frappe
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Medley of fresh seasonal fruits
  • Homemade granola, hot and cold cereals and fruit yogurt
  • Assorted breads, muffins and bagels with cream cheese, natural fruit preserves or honey
  • Pastries, all freshly baked, including fruit danishes, rugelach and cinnamon twist


    The daily special is served with a side dish and one of the following meats is optional: turkey or pork; patty sausage, bacon, ham, sausage links or ground bison in the green sauce.

    Breakfast Burritos
    Scrambled eggs wrapped in a flour tortilla, smothered with Jerry's famous green sauce with or without meat and topped with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses and refried pinto beans. There's nothing like it south - or north - of the border.

    Eggs Florentine Quiche
    Spinach, mushrooms, feta and Swiss cheeses combine to create this healthy and flavorful Mediterranean quiche served with poached pears.

    Green Chile Strata
    Layers of flour tortillas, green Chile, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses plus Jerry's famous green sauce, all topped with a mixture of eggs, sour cream and seasonings to create a Southwestern breakfast delight! Served with a side of three sisters stew ( corn, pinto beans and squash).

    French Toast
    Croissants soaked in cream laced with triple sec, cinnamon and orange blended with eggs and served with apricot or maple syrup, a poached pear on the side, accompanied by a fruit of the day frappe. A favorite with a European flair!

    Eggs OLE'
    Baked eggs with a savory southwestern flavor. Tomato, corn, black olives, cilantro, green chiles and Mexican cheese and breakfast potatoes. Breakfast in the old southwest. OLE'

    Granola Pancakes
    Granola and orange make these pancakes something special, served with orange sauce or maple syrup and cooked peaches on the side.

    Basil Strata
    Layers of bread soaked in wine and milk, cheese, tomatoes and pesto topped with eggs, cream and spices and a slice of a pear or peach tart. Gourmet at its best . Served with a fresh fruit smoothie.

    We use only fresh, low sodium ingredients and low and non-fat dairy products.


    Taos New Mexico Bed and Breakfast Inn BASIL STRATA (12 Servings)
    Layers of bread soaked in wine and milk covered with cheese, tomatoes and pesto
    topped with eggs and cream

    For two 10" pie pans:
    2 C milk
    1 C white wine
    2 loaves French bread cut in 1/2" slices
    3/4 lbs. Thinly sliced prosciutto (optional)
    2 lbs. Monterey Jack cheese
    6-10 tomatoes sliced
    8 eggs, beaten
    Salt & pepper to taste
    1 C whipping cream

    Day prior to serving:

    • Mix milk and wine, dip bread in mixture, squeeze out excess and place soaked bread in two 10" pie plates and press into pie pans.
    • Cover with a layer of prosciutto ham (optional)
    • Cover with a layer of grated cheese
    • Cover with a layer of tomato and pesto; spreading pesto on tomatoes
    • Repeat all layers
    • Beat eggs with salt and pepper, pour over layers

    Day of serving
    • Drizzle whipping cream over top
    • Bake at 375 for 45 minutes

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    Scrambled eggs wrapped in flour tortillas and smothered with Jerry's famous green sauce and cheese

    For each burrito:
    1 egg
    1 Tbs. milk
    1 flour tortilla
    1 slice of Monterey Jack cheese
    1 ladle of Jerry's famous green sauce (Call Jerry for recipe)

    • Beat egg and milk with wire whip
    • Pour into nonstick omelet pan
    • Scramble eggs
    • Place slices of Monterey Jack across center of tortilla
    • Add eggs and roll tortilla so cheese is on top
    • Pour 1 ladle of green Chile sauce over the top and grated jack and cheddar cheese to lightly cover, garnish with chopped red bell pepper
    • Bake for 4 minutes at 400 to melt cheese
    • Garnish with cilantro

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    "This casually elegant, exquisitely decorated adobe inn features a spacious living room with fireplace, viga ceilings, sky lights and comfortable furniture that envelops you like a giant security blanket along with outstanding morning repast."

    "Easily one of the best"

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    Jerry and Peggy Davis - Innkeepers


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